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Next weekend Chris and Allison (and Georgia) will be attending the first ever Fabletown and Beyond Convention in Rochester, MN. 

You should come too!

Here’s where you can find them.

FRI, March 22

3:00pm – The Sandcastle Show (in the Talk Show Room) – Chris Roberson, Lauren Beukes, Matt Sturges and Sean E. Williams

4:00pm – Opening Ceremonies (in the Civic Theater) – All guests

SAT, March 23

10:00am – Star Gazing (in the Talk Show Room) – Allison Baker, Peter Krause and Mitch Gerads

2:00pm – Get To Work! (in the Talk Show Room) – Conor McCreery, Allison Baker and Kurt Busiek

3:00pm –It’s A Different World (in the Talk Show Room) – Peter Gross, Chris Roberson, Mike Carey and Van Jensen

6:00pm – The Good Fortune Hour (in the Talk Show Room) – Mike Carey, Mark Finn, Bryan J. L. Glass and Chris Roberson

SUN, March 24

10:00am – The Mr. Fix It Show (in the Talk Show Room) – Peter Gross, Allison Baker, Chris Roberson, and Conor McCreery

12:00pm – The Assorted Monkey Business Show (in the Talk Show Room) – Chris Roberson and Matt Sturges

2:00pm – An Hour With Chris Roberson (in the Of Mice And Men Room #1) – Chris Roberson

3:00pm – Hashtag Intervention (in the “Boring Room”) – Stephanie Cooke, Allison Baker, Anthony Del Col, Bryan J. L. Glass and Peter Krause

4:00pm – The Survival Show (in the Talk Show Room) – Steve Leialoha, Mark Buckingham, Chris Roberson, and Peter Gross

5:00pm – Closing Ceremonies (in the “Boring Room”) – All guests

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